1. Supply and Commissioning of a Mercedes Benz Actros 4141K Heavy Duty Vehicle fitted with a Palfinger 38502 High Performance articulating crane for pipe laying & fitting, borehole servicing operations and waterworks maintenance. NCB #: LSWC/2NUWSRP/NCB/GDS/036a. This project also included the supply of 2Nos. 15 – Ton Heavy Duty Utility Vehicles.

2. Supply of Heavy Duty Equipment and Crane Repairs at Major Waterworks NCB #: LSWC/2NUWSRP/NCB/WKS/06. This particular contract involved:
– Repair, refurbishment and commissioning of a broken down Groove RT500C heavy duty crane, including the supply of one-year maintenance spares.
– Repair and Commission of an existing broken down Holman Powered Air Compressor.
– Supply and commission a new compare C-3-10-C76 portable air compressor including all accessories and one-year maintenance.
– Repair of existing broken-down SKYES 6-inch diameter Dewatering Pumps.
– Supply and commission new 6- inch diameter Dewatering Pumps including all accessories.
– Repair and Commissioning of an existing broken down Long Arm Excavator.
– Supply of a brand new and commission new CAT 416E Long Arm Excavator including all accessories.
– Repair existing Short Arm Excavators and commission.
– Supply and commission new Volvo BL71 Plus Short Arm Excavator including all accessories and maintenance for one year.

3. Supply and Commissioning of Two (2) Nos. 5-Ton Caterpillar DP-50K Forklifts with 1 (1) year maintenance and Insurance. NCB #: LSWC/2NUWSRP/NCB/GDS/035b. – N 27M